Barn Layout Ideas

Are tables and chairs included in the hire price?

Yes,  6 outside tables and 12 benches in the courtyard area 

20 trestle table in the barn and 40 benches 

You are free to choose any supplier for any additional funiture.

What are the dimensions of the Nordic Tipis?

10.5 meters diameter side down and 12.5 meters sides up

What time can we party to?

Last Orders 11:29pm

Finish at 12 midnight.

Can we have fireworks or Sparklers?
No sorry

Can we have confetti?

Only if it is natural petal confetti. 

Will a coach fit up the drive?


Can we leave cars at the barn overnight?

No sorry.

Is there sufficient local accommodation for our guests?

Yes, there are plenty of options at a variety of budgets. 

See our recommended supplier list.

Do you have a tall ladder for use in the barn?

We do. You just have to sign a ladder disclaimer form on the day you are setting up.

Can we hang decorations etc. up in the trees outside?

Yes. The venue should be left as found when hired.

Do we tidy up after our event?


Can we let off Chinese lanterns?

No, due to the fire risk of the Woodland

Can we use candels?


Is there Wifi in the barn?

No, but there is 4G in parts of the Woodland

How long do we have the barn for?

1 Day set up, 1 Day Wedding

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