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Guidelines & Rules

For all hirer’s of Bridal Barn

These amendments come into force with effect from July 1st 2019

We have recently carried out a full Health & Safety Risk Assessment on all areas of the venue and the following safety guidelines must be adhered to at all times. It is in the safety of yourself as the hirer’s and all of your guests to ensure no one is put at any risk at any time

Maximum Numbers

The maximum number on site should not exceed 150 persons. The infrastructure of the venue is not designed to cope with an excess of this.

Cars and Car Parking

The car park holds approximately 50 cars if they are parked in an orderly way. It may be worthwhile asking an Usher or a wedding guest to take responsibility for this when your guests are arriving.

The drive must be kept clear of vehicles at all times. Should the need ever arise that we need to get access for an Emergency Vehicle to the Barn then we would not have the time to be looking for guests to remove their cars to allow access.

Cars may only be left on site overnight if the hirer’s are renting the Shepherds Hut or the other new accommodation.

They should be parked around the corner by the Shepherds Hut and must be removed by 11am on the day after the wedding.

The site is locked, secured and alarmed once the celebrations have ended as soon after midnight as possible. The gates will be re-opened at 9am the next day. Failure to remove cars by 11am will incur a minimum fee of £100 per vehicle and this will be deducted from the hirer’s deposit. It may be worth your while pointing this out to your guests. The site will be relocked and alarmed from 11am on the day after the event. We can supply telephone numbers for local mini bus companies, and the driveway is wide enough for a coach to gain access.

The Bridal Barn staff hold no responsibility whatsoever for vehicles parked on site at any time.


With immediate effect we will NOT allow camping on site.

From March 2020 there will be an additional six Shepherds Huts to hire.

Under No circumstances will any Towing Caravans or Camper Vans be allowed on site.

We will require the names and address of any one staying over in any of the accommodations. This is to comply with legal requirements in the unfortunate event of a fire. The venue is set amongst dry woodland and Fire Safety is paramount.

No Sleeping in vehicles will be allowed and the Site Manager will ask anyone found doing this to leave immediately.

Any of Bridal Barn team will not tolerate any aggression shown towards them at any time. We have an excellent relationship with the local police, and if any of the team feel under threat at any time, then the police will be called to attend.


Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to not allow dogs on site. The one and only exception will be the pet of the wedding couple, this will be by request only.

If permission is granted, then we would need an undertaking signed by the said couple giving the following information

1. The Breed of Dog

2. The name of the person who will take sole responsibility for the dog for the day. 

Agreement that the dog will be taken off site by 7pm at the latest before the evening celebrations begin.

3. The dog will not be taken into The Barn (except for the ceremony), thenTipi’s, Bridal Lounge or Shepherds Hut.

4. Any dog fouling will be cleaned up immediately and placed in a bag inside the bin.

Dogs are often not used to large crowds of people and noise and can react badly when put into this situation. The last thing in the world we would want on anyone’s wedding day is or them to have to deal with a dog bite.

Failure to adhere to this will result in an amount being withheld from the deposit.

Set Up Day will be the day prior to the event. 

The venue will be open for you to arrive from 10am and locked at 6pm. If for any reason you need an extension to this, please speak to us before hand. 

Suppliers need to set up prior to the event starting. No vehicle access to the Courtyard once guests have arrived. 

Wedding Day 

The Venue will be open from 9am to 12 midnight (approximately. We encourage you to ask your guests to leave once the celebrations end at midnight. The Venue will locked at 12 midnight and the driveways gates closed at 00:30am 

Last orders at the Bar is to be 11.30pm and the music must stop playing at 12 midnight. Please do remind your guests that they are not permitted to bring their own alcohol on to the site. All alcohol must be provided by the bar supplier or the bride and groom themselves. 

Strictly no fireworks or sparklers. The woodland can get very dry and one spark could cause a major fire. 

All smoking must be in the Courtyard area. This includes e-cigarettes. 

Please ensure everyone stays within the boundary of Bridal Barn. The adjoining fields do not belong to the venue and any access is prohibited. The farmer does have dogs loose guarding his property and livestock. 

Can we politely ask that children are supervised at all times. 

The Duty Manager has the final say and the right to exercise any request to ensure the safety of the guests and the protection of the venue. Failure to comply will result can result in a fine or even the event being stopped immediately. 

As the hirers it is your sole responsibility to ensure all guest and suppliers conduct themselves within respectable manor. 

Day After Event 

Please vacate the site by 11am and all cars to be collected. 

All items brought to the site must be removed. There are two large wheelie bins for your use, all other rubbish must be taken away. Any rubbish left behind and not binned will incur a cost of £200 to remove. 

Finally, we just want you to have the best day of your lives at Bridal Barn and we will do everything we can to make it happen. 

Deposits payable via bank transfer:

Account Name: Bradley Davies Shropshire Ltd

Sort Code. 40-51-62

Account No. 14860856. 

 (Please reference Wedding Date & Year).  

We operate a first come first serve basis on deposits received.

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Deposits payable via bank transfer:

Account Name: Bradley Davies Shropshire Ltd

Sort Code. 40-51-62

Account No. 14860856. 

 (Please reference Wedding Date & Year).  

We operate a first come first serve basis on deposits received.